Maintaining romance in marriage by exercising together

workout couple

My wife and I have been married for thirty years. We have raised two children, a son and a daughter.  They are now grown and they have moved away from home. My son is employed as a scientist in an agro chemical company in another state and he moved out about three years ago. We had been living with my last born daughter who works in a local law firm as a lawyer until she was recently married to her long time fiancée in February.

Our house is suddenly very quiet. My wife and I find ourselves in the position we were some thirty odd years ago. The difference is that by then we had a smaller house, we were very energetic, and we had a whole lifetime to look forward to.

I remember that in those days’ time was never quite enough. Especially after marriage. We were both employed and were very devoted to our jobs with big dreams of achieving great heights. I met my wife when I was taking a post graduate course in the University where she was working.

When we got married, many of our dreams became secondary and we just wanted to devote as much time as possible together. We were the perfect picture of two inseparable love birds. We always wanted to be together and we would walk hand in hand whispering sweet nothings to each other like two teenagers.

Since we were both working 9 – 5 jobs, we could not find enough time to quench our desire to be together. As such, we decided to be leaving work as early as possible so as to be together. We would leave work and take long walks around the town. We live in a peaceful quite town that is pretty safe and we would find ourselves late in the night still walking hand in hand laughing at silly jokes and talking about our future.

The walks were often highlighted by a candle lit dinner in some of our favorite diners in towns. Since we both had healthy appetites, we soon found that our eating out was becoming evident in our waist lines. This is when we decided to control our weight by taking a jog at least twice a week.

Jogging came naturally to us and we loved it. Soon the diners were forgotten and our passion became running. We were running at least two miles every evening. This continued until the kids came.

When my wife was heavy with our son, our routine was cruelly cut. My daughter came soon after and we did not have any time to revive our evening runs. We simply could not continue with our carefree life anymore. By the time the kids were grown and going to school, we were too busy working. Our needs had significantly increased and we had to move into a bigger house, we also had to think about our children’s education. Our romantic evenings were forgotten.

Now the children have left and we are back to where we were thirty years ago. Unfortunately, our bodies are no longer as youthful as they were then.

Since we are seriously unfit, we cannot go back to running immediately. We are thinking of converting one of the rooms in the house into a gym. We will then purchase a treadmill or a rowing machine to help us back into fitness and then we can revive our old time romantic evenings.