Overcoming the Crushing Pain of Disappointment

Disappointment 1

Disappointment effects just about everyone and has the potential to crush them and make them depressed. This is why it is important to have a great support system so that you can overcome disappointment through words and actions of encouragement. It is important to learn how to accept disappointment as a part of life and move past it when you are able. Focusing on the positive aspects of life will help you to overcome those negative parts of your life and make you feel better about yourself.

Overcoming Disappointment

“The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud,” says a Buddhist proverb, just in case you thought all stuff was bad. Albert Einstein failed his college entrance exam. Walt Disney was fired from his first media job. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Disappointment happens to almost everyone and doesn’t spare even famous people. Everyone has to begin somewhere so it is important to make sure you keep that in mind when things don’t go your way.

Maybe you didn’t get that promotion you thought you deserved or you didn’t get that ‘A’ that you had worked so hard to get. Disappointment is such as huge part of life that you need to expect the unexpected so you will never be disappointed in life. It is a part of our existence and the sooner you realize that the less disappointment you will experience in your own personal life. Take a deep breath and let it roll off of your back just like any other event throughout your day.

Encouraging Others

Another great way to overcome disappointment is to encourage others to think highly of themselves. When someone you love has been let down, make sure you take the time to ask them how they are doing and encourage them to move past the moment. Some people require a bit more reassurance than others so it is important to make sure they are reminded that bad things happen to everyone and that they didn’t do anything wrong. This will help them to boost their self-esteem and become more aware of how common disappointment is.

Helping people understand how common disappointment is will help them overcome it at a much faster rate. Take the time to comfort a friend and you could be changing their outlook on life in the long run.

It isn’t always easy to get over disappointment, but with a great support system filled with friends and family that knows how amazing you truly are, then chances are, you will be able to get over it much faster and create a nice and happy bubble of support around you.